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PEEK petrol valve tip

PEEK replacement tip for "through-the-tank" petrol valves

The "through-the-tank" petrol valves on vintage HD's are notorious for leaking, both OEM ones as aftermarket ones. The mating surfaces of the rod tip and the receiving nipple in the bottom of the tank have to be in perfect condition, and the entire assembly perfectly aligned for the valve to shut off leak-free. Even if these conditions are met, petrol is likely to seep through.

Mullie Motors offers the service to replace the tip of the rod with a tip out of PEEK. PEEK is a modern material that is resistant to modern fuels and hard enough yet more pliable/elastic than metal. Hence, a petrol valve with a PEEK tip on the rod will seal off much better than a metal one, and is more forgiving to imperfections in installation. In the process, we also replace the two nipple washers with washers made out of PEEK for a better seal and reusability than the original washers (HD part number 3638-40 and 62085-40).

Replacing the tip of the rod of your petrol valve, including two nipple washers, will cost 40,- Euros (incl. VAT, excl. shipping).

Order your PEEK replacement tips through info@mulliemotors.com

Please note that there are two different types of rods: The first rod (3633-40 and 62032-40) is used on all 1940 twins and on 1941-1965 45 twins. The second rod (3633-41 and 62033-41) is used on 1941-1965 Big Twins. The only difference between these rods is the location of the fuel supply holes. Using a 45 rod on a (41 and later) Big Twin will result in a very low amount of reserve fuel.
If you have a 45 rod that you want to use in a Big Twin tank, we can adapt the rod while we are replacing the tip with a PEEK tip for you. For a small additional charge of 5,- Euros we drill out the rod up to the appropriate depth if needed, we drill the necessary fuel supply holes at the correct location, and seal of the lower "45" holes with a piece of fuel-resistant heat-shrink tube.

We also sell replacement rods and complete petrol valves equipped with a PEEK tip and washers:

Below is a brief description of the process of replacing a fuel rod tip for a PEEK one.
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