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New and used inner primaries for sale

Here are some of the inner primaries we currently have for sale. Categorized according to their original use and part numbers, see also HERE. Most can be interchanged. A mid-shift model for instance can be used for forward control application. Vice versa is also possible when the mid-shift hole is machined through. The casting numbers for all of these primaries can be X30-00085 and 60497-80b. Click on the images to see a high res version.
Feel free to contact us for any further information on these items. All pricing is without VAT and shipping.

Front chain, rear belt, dry clutch

Part numbers 60414-82, 60444-82, 60502-84 and others.

Front chain, rear belt, wet clutch

Part numbers 60414-84, 60444-84, 60504-84 and others

Front belt, rear belt, dry clutch

Part numbers 60502-80A, 60315-83 and others


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