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150 tire
Wide Tire Kits

The parts used for final belt drives on Shovelheads do lend themselves very good for the installation of wider rear tires, either with a (narrower) belt, or with a chain. The final belt drive inner primaries and wider swingarms provide the extra clearance needed for wider tire applications, without having to offset the transmission, primary case, and motor sprocket. The rear tire in the image above is about 150 mm wide (as opposed to the stock 130 mm tire width). The bike is equipped with a slightly narrower belt of 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) as opposed to the stock 1-1/2" (38.1 mm).

Mullie Motors can provide you with the necessary parts to enable you to install wider tires on your shovel. Starting with the 150 shown in the image above, and ranging up to a 180 mm without off-setting the tranny and primary drive!. Here are some of the options:
Please contact us through info@mulliemotors.com to order your wide tire parts or for further inquiries.

Here are some tips and hints about installing wider rear tires on late shovels:
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